School Procedures, Forms & Policies

Our school has a number of policies which are available on request. Policies are updated as required by the Department of Education.

Procedures A-Z

Camps, Sport and Excursion Funds (CSEF)

The Camps, Sport and Excursion Funds (CSEF) is provided by the Government to help meet the educational needs of your children. To be eligible for CSEF, families must have a current Health Care Card. Full details are available from the office.


At the start of each year parents are asked to fill out a permission form giving authority for head checks. If your child is found to have headlice you will be notified about the need to keep your child home un,l treatment has occurred. Your child must be treated before they can return to school.


In the event of a serious injury or sickness at school, parents will be contacted immediately, or if unavailable, the emergency person listed on the child's file will be contacted. In the case of an emergency an ambulance will be called immediately.


All medication forms for students must be kept at the office. Students who suffer from asthma must have an Asthma Plan completed and filed at the office. This should be updated regularly. It is important that the school is informed of any ongoing illness or medical problems your child may have.

You can download an Asthma action plan here

Payments to the School

All money sent to the school should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, marked with your child's name, homeroom, the amount enclosed and what it is for. Please note that no money is kept at school for change.

Pick Up and Drop Off

At Morwell Central Primary School we care for the safety and wellbeing of all our students. Very busy streets surround our school and it is essential that parents observe the parking restrictions when picking up and dropping off children. No Parking is allowed in the drop off and pick up drive through area in the school on the corner of McDonald Street and Holmes Road . This area is supervised by staff before and after school. Cars can ONLY enter this area from the entrance on McDonald Street. Please be aware that parking inspectors regularly patrol the area and will post infringement notices on cars parked illegally.

School Uniform

Uniforms are to be worn every day unless a uniform free day is specified. School policy also states that children must be in school uniform to partcipate in excursions outside of the school. School clothing and other items should be clearly labelled with your child's name. Each Learning Hub have a lost property tub. If your child loses an aticle of clothing, please look in these places first. Uniforms may be ordered from the school's front office during school hours.

Download the MCPS School Uniform Policy here

Forms A-Z

Policies A-Z

The following school policies are available to download. Other policies can be made available on request from the school office.

DET Schools' Privacy Policy

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has developed a new Schools' Privacy Policy for all Victorian government schools. Parents are able to view this policy and related documents using the links below:

DET Schools' Privacy Policy
Information for Parents — Schools' Privacy Policy

Annual Report

Annual Report to the School Community