Our Curriculum

At Morwell Central we offer a broad range of curriculum programs with a special emphasis on developing the essential skills of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Technology.

Students are grouped based on their learning needs and work with all teachers within the Learning Hub. Learning needs and groups are determined by pre tests. These groups are flexible and regularly change.

We foster an environment where students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by setting goals and reflecting on their own learning.

Through the Developmental Curriculum in the P-2 Learning Hub and Inquiry Based Learning in 3-6 Learning Hub, all teachers promote individual learning where students are supported to explore, inquire and reflect.

The Victorian Curriculum F–10

Our Curriculum is underpinned by the Victorian Curriculum F–10 which reflects Victorian priorities and standards. It sets out what every student should learn during their first eleven years of schooling.You can find out more about the Victorian Curriculum F–10 by clicking here.

Literacy, Numeracy & NAPLAN


The Literacy curriculum at Morwell Central is based on the Victorian Curriculum, which is broken into the strands of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Teachers ensure that learning in Literacy is embedded through the use of Daily Reviews, encouraging students to recite, recall and apply previously taught content. The teaching of reading at Morwell Central identifies the six essential skills for reading: oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Writing lessons are based on the Hochman approach (The Writing Revolution) providing students with explicit instruction in writing, including sentence, paragraph and grammar instruction. Teachers provide students with explicit instruction in all areas of Literacy using an I do, We do, You do approach.


The Numeracy Curriculum at Morwell Central focuses on providing real life, hands on activities that enable students to develop and expand their mathematical skills, concepts and problem solving abilities. Based on the Victorian Curriculum, the Numeracy curriculum consists of the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.The focus is on developing the numeracy abilities that all students need in their personal and work life.

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy)

Each year students in Years 3 & 5 participate in the National NAPLAN testing in Language Conventions, Writing, Reading and Numeracy. Families receive a report which provides additional information regarding their child's achievement.

Click here to go to the NAPLAN website for more information.

Discovery Time P-2 and Inquiry Learning 3-6

We have embraced a teaching approach in the Prep to Two Learning Hubs based on the Developmental Curriculum which we call 'Discovery Time.' This approach to learning promotes an exciting and stimulating learning environment that allows children to explore and investigate their own interests.

In our 3 to 6 Learning Hubs we are guided by an inquiry approach to learning. Inquiry learning is an active thinking process, where students form their own questions, plan and implement ways of finding information and use these experiences to build answers to any questions they may have.

Click here to download a brochure about our Discovery Time and Inquiry Based Learning at MCPS.

Weekly Specialist Classes

Physical Education

All classes participate in specialist physical classes on a weekly basis. Our focus is on sending the message that engaging in physical activities contributes to wellbeing and good health. Skills such as hand/eye co-ordination, movement sequences and sportsmanship are covered.

ICT (Information Communication Technology)

All children have weekly specialist classes in ICT where they learn programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Inspiration and Kidspiration,Tux Paint, and iMovie. iPads and netbooks are used as an integral part of learning in the Hubs.

Music and Performing Arts

All students at Morwell Central participate in weekly sessions of both Music and Performing Arts. In these classes students engage in a wide range of musical and performance activities to develop their artistic creativity.

Design Technology

Students in grade 3 to 6 participate in weekly sessions of Design Technology. In these classes students engage in a wide range of activities where they plan, make and create using materials, techniques and a range of different technologies.

Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

We recognise the importance technology has in the world today and the the role it plays in enhancing learning. All classrooms have state of the art Promethian boards and students have access to the Cyber Library, computers and iPads.


Children are encouraged to borrow books regularly from our Library. All home groups have an allocated weekly library session with their teacher, where they can borrow books. A library borrowing form is distributed at the beginning of the school year and once this has been completed and returned students can borrow books.

Reporting to Parents

Teachers generate online student academic reports on uEducateUs, including end of semester and progress reports. Parents can easily and regularly view their child's reports through the uEducateUs system.

You can find information about how to use uEducateUs to access reports on the uEducateUs page.