Transition Programs

Kinder to School

In the year prior to starting school, Morwell Central will host information sessions and tours of our school for both parents and children. After enrolments have opened, children will have opportunities to participate in sessions at school run by teachers. These sessions are a great way for the teachers to meet and get to know the children as well as beginning to prepare children for school.

In December, the State-wide Transition day is held, and students are invited to attend a session with their new teacher and classmates. Information packs will be sent home to all enrolled students, containing important details about our school and things you can do at home to support your child to be ready to start school.

When the school year begins, Prep students attend school for the whole day. During the first weeks of school, each child will have a timetabled interview with their teacher, where they complete tasks that provide teachers with valuable information about their current Maths and Literacy knowledge, which informs our teaching. Families will be notified which days will occur on.

Year 6 to Secondary School

The year 6 to year 7 transition process at Morwell Central for our year 6 students begins when they are in grade 5. Our students are given a 'taste' of secondary school through the Awareness Day Program which is held every year in term 2, for our grade 5 & 6 students, with our local secondary school Kurnai College.

A Parent Information night is also held in term 2 outlining the transition process, application forms and the student support services that are offered through the school. Student welfare is a major focus at Morwell Central, ensuring all students have a successful transition from the primary school setting to secondary school. Our school welfare team organize and run two in-school student transition sessions that focus on the practicalities such as reading timetables, how to open and close a lock, to unpacking concerns and fears. Past students are invited to the sessions to answer questions from the students.

Extra transition (Kurnai College – Morwell Campus only) is arranged for any student requiring extra support beyond the set transition days arranged by the various secondary schools. The hub leader ensures all communication between the various secondary schools is forwarded on to parents via phone calls, the school newsletter, hub bulletin and leaflets. Home group teachers also liaise with each child's school of choice through the completion of student academic forms.