Programs & Further Enrichment

We offer a range of great programs that provide enrichment opportunities for students beyond the traditional classroom environment.


School Performances

All students in the Senior Learning Hub participate in an annual school musical. Students in the Prep to 4 Learning Hub are involved in an annual school concert. Both are Performed in our state of the art Performing Arts Centre.

Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod

Each year under the direction of our music teacher, children in the 3 /4 Learning Hub perform at the Latrobe Valley Eisteddfod in the choral singing section. This gives students exposure to performing on stage, in front of a large audience. Children in the Lunchtime Recorder Group perform in the instrumental section.

Extra Curricular Sport & Physical Education

Children have opportunities to participate in Physical Education and Sport through:

  • the Victorian School Sports Association at a local, regional and state level.
  • taking part in a whole school Athletics Carnival held at the Newborough Athletics Track. All students participate in different track and field events, adapted to their age level.
  • their Learning Hubs who participate in four weeks of tennis lessons with a visiting coach.
  • attending swimming lessons as part of the curriculum. Qualified instructors at the Morwell Leisure Centre run this program.
  • netball, basketball, football, soccer, cricket and cross country competitions.

Camps & Excursions


Students in Grades 3 – 6 take part in our Camp Program. Parents are be notified well in advance of the dates and costs. Every effort is made to keep costs to a minimum to ensure all children can take part.


Throughout the year all students have opportunities to attend special programs in the form of excursions. Costs are kept to a minimum and the number of these special programs is restricted.

Camps, Sport and Excursion Funds (CSEF)

The Camps, Sport and Excursion Funds (CSEF) is provided by the Government to help meet the educational needs of your children. To be eligible for CSEF, families must have a current Health Care Card. Full details are available from the office.

Additional Programs

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open from 7:50am everyday. For the cost of only 50 cents, students can enjoy a range of cereals, muffins, pancakes, raisin toast or sausages.

English as Additional Language (EAL)

We offer a range of supports for students from Non-English speaking backgrounds with small group work to assist in their development of English, while still allowing them to access learning opprtunities with their peers. We make every attempt to provide opportunities for students to celebrate their own culture and share with our wider school community.


Children experiencing difficulties with their speech are supported speech therapy on a one to one basis.

Koorie Educational Support Officer (KESO)

We have a full time KESO Officer who supports Indigenous families with school engagement. The KESO can offer support, guidance, home visits, advice, referrals and greater connection to our Indigenous Community.

Active Kids Program

Morwell Central Primary School run a very successful Active Kids Program, which gives students access to learn and try a wide range of different sports and activities. Active Kids activities vary from term to term and include Arts and Craft, Dancing, Computers, Basketball and lots more.


The Eco-Kids are a group of students who meet together weekly because of their strong desire to look after our environment and to spread the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle message.

The Eco-Kids work closely with Resource Smart. Resource Smart Schools is an award-winning Victorian Government program that assists schools to embed sustainability in everything they do. The Eco-Kids also work closely with Latrobe City's Sustainability Education Officer who assists the students with keeping our Worm Farms healthy and encouraging good sustainability practises throughout the MCPS.

Veggie Patch Kids

We have established Veggie Gardens that students regularly maintain and grow crops. These crops are often used within the school to support other programs.